Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rear frame rail and trunk

Am I stupid or what but it is extremely difficult to edit the text in these posts if I use the Picasa to upload the pics. I had ordered and welded the Canadian made trunkfloor drop-off. Later I realized that the trunk will need a bigger patch. I decided to order the bigger Taiwanese made part and only use the area which I needed because the Canadian part was already been welded as well. I made a smaller patch from sheet metal plate to the front left side of the gas tank opening.

This may end up looking like a jigsaw puzzle when it's finished, but I refuse to replace all the parts little by little if they can be repaired. The rear frame rail was given two pieces of fresh metal in front of leaf spring rear attaching point. The rust was cleared as far as possible, rust-converter was applied and the inside of the frame rail was painted with etching primer. Then the black part made in Taiwan was welded. Here is the result.

This was not the state of art part. It needed to be shortened and twisted to make it fit. Note the spot welds which connect the black part to the Canadian drop-off. This was rather an easy part of the project but required about three evenings anyhow. One for drilling, measuring and cutting, one for grinding and primering and one for the welding and finishing.